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9. Where can I exchange Rail Warrants?

1. Can my organisation have more than one account?

If your organisation already holds an account then you can request an additional account by contacting lee.grainger@raildeliverygroup.com

Please remember that an annual fee is payable on each account you hold.

2. How many warrants are in a book?

There are 50 warrants in each ordinary rail warrant book and 25 in each season ticket rail warrant book.

3. Can I use a railcard with a rail warrant?

No, railcards cannot be used if purchasing a ticket with a warrant.

4. Can I exchange a warrant for a rail ticket on board a train?

A warrant should only be exchanged on a train when the journey starts at an unstaffed station, or when the ticket office is closed.

5. What should I do if I do not recognise a warrant listed on my invoice?

If you do not recognise any warrant listed on your invoice then you should contact the Warrant Service on 0330 678 0352 (Option 1) or email rdgsettlement@worldline.com

You will need to quote your account number and the warrant number in question and so please have these details ready when contacting the Warrant Service.

6. What should I do if I do not agree with the ticket price charged against a warrant?

If you think an incorrect fare has been charged to your account in exchange for a warrant then you will need to contact the Warrant Service on 0330 678 0352 (Option 1) or email rdgsettlement@worldline.com

The Warrant Service will be able to resolve most of these issues but will sometimes need you to refer to the relevant train company for further information.


7. Do I need a photocard when purchasing a season ticket?

Yes, all season ticket holders require a photocard which should accompany the season ticket at all times. If you do not have a photocard then you will need to have a passport size photograph. When you purchase your season ticket the station clerk will insert the photograph into your new photocard.


8. Is it possible to reserve seats when buying tickets using a rail warrant?

Yes you can reserve seats using a warrant if seats are reservable for the journey being made. Some tickets include a seat reservation and so in this case you can simply issue the warrant for the ticket only.

If the ticket does not include the seat reservation then you will need to issue a separate warrant completing the journey details and then in the 'Other Services' section, mark the warrant ‘seat reservation only’.

You will then need to exchange your warrant at the station. Reservations can normally be made from about 2 months in advance of the day of travel, up to about 2 hours before the train departs from its start point, or, for early morning trains, up to 1600 the previous evening. For more information on reservations please visit the reservations page on the National Rail Enquiries website.

 9. Where can I exchange rail warrants?

Rail Warrants can be exchanged at any National Rail station in Great Britain. They cannot be used in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.

Warrants cannot be exchanged at London Underground ticket offices.