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Travel Management Companies


There are many Travel Management Companies (TMCs) that offer organisations and businesses a dedicated Business Travel Management service.

Their service will include the management of all your travel requirements such as air, car hire, hotels and of course, rail.

Dedicated travel teams will be responsible for your account ensuring your business travel requirements are tailored to your particular business needs.

TMC services vary but the majority of them offer online booking tools that give you control over travel spend, saving you time and money. Many provide dedicated consultants who are there to understand your business needs.

Working with a TMC often begins by ensuring the travel policy is appropriate for the company’s needs. For example, it can be stated in the travel policy that first-class seating is not allowed. This policy helps keep the costs for the company in-line and manageable.

The Business Travel Association (BTA) is the representative body for Travel Management Companies and the business travel community in the UK. The BTA website has contact details of TMCs across the country, please go to https://www.thebta.org.uk/members-directory for more details.

Alternatively, contact RDG at travelagents@raildeliverygroup.com to request contact details of TMCs licenced with us.