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How to complete a Season Ticket Rail Warrant

Before issuing a warrant to the traveller you will need to fully complete all of the information required in order for the ticket clerk to issue the correct ticket.

Once completed, rail warrants cannot be altered in any way. If any errors are made then simply destroy the warrant and issue a new one.

Tickets can only be issued in accordance with the instructions on the warrant.

Each warrant will require the following information to be completed -

(1) 'Please supply'

 Please complete the traveller's name.

 (2) ‘With a SEASON TICKET for First/Standard/Adult/Child'

 Please delete the class of travel and if for adult/child as necessary.

 (3) ‘Commencing Date’

 Please complete the first date of travel required.

(4) ‘Ending Date’

Please complete the last date of travel required.

(5) ‘Route between’

Please complete the station of origin.

(6) ‘and’

Please complete the destination station.

(7) 'via'

Please complete the desired route (only complete if known).

(8) ‘Warrant expires after’

Please complete date warrant is to expire. The warrant cannot be exchanged for a ticket/service after this date.

(9) 'Authorised Signature'

The person responsible for your account should then sign here. It is the account holder’s responsibility to decide upon whom can sign warrants issued on the account.

There are no restrictions on the number of authorised signatories for an account, however Rail Delivery Group do not keep any records of who is authorised to sign. The authorised signature on the warrant will not be checked when presented at the station and therefore any warrant exchanged for a ticket will be applied to the account regardless of the signature present.

If you have any queries regarding completing a Season Ticket Rail Warrant then please contact the Warrant Account Manager at lee.grainger@raildeliverygroup.com

Please remember that all season ticket holders require a photocard which should accompany the season ticket at all times. If the warrant holder does not have a photocard then they will need to have a passport size photograph. When they purchase their season ticket the station clerk will insert the photograph into the new photocard.