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Warrant completion & tickets

After opening the account, your organisation will receive a warrant book containing 25 warrants. Simply complete a warrant for exchange at a station for the ticket that is required.

The traveller will then take this to the station together with their rail photocard or a passport size photo if they do not have a photocard. The ticket clerk will then issue a season ticket for the journey specified on the warrant. A photocard will also be issued (if not already held) which is to be held with the season ticket at all times.

Season tickets can be purchased at any National Rail ticket office for any National Rail journey.

Warrants cannot be exchanged at London Underground ticket offices, however warrants can be exchanged at all staffed National Rail stations for Travelcard Seasons.

At most National Rail ticket offices, Travelcard seasons will be issued as a paper ticket, not as an Oyster card, and need to be supported by a season photocard. A limited number of London Overground stations can exchange warrants, as well as issue tickets on Oyster cards.

All normal season tickets prices will apply when using a warrant i.e. there are no additional discounts on ticket prices.

For further information on how to complete your warrant please see our section on How to complete a Season Ticket Warrant.