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The Season Ticket Rail Warrant Account

Warrant completion & tickets
Invoices & payments
Account Fees
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Please note, the Rail Warrant Account Service is one of many Rail Account services available to businesses, organisations, and charities.

If you wish to find out more about alternative rail account options, then please click on this link.


The Season Ticket Rail Warrant

The Season Ticket Rail Warrant Account is available to organisations allowing the purchase of season tickets(e.g. weekly, monthly, annual tickets), allowing access to rail travel anywhere on the National Rail network.

The service is easy to use. Your company or organisation will be supplied with cheque sized books containing warrants. Each warrant, after completion, can then be exchanged at staffed National Rail stations for rail season tickets.

Your organisation will receive an account invoice showing tickets issued and confirmation of journey details. Payment for tickets will then be made by direct debit from your bank account.

The account is designed for convenience allowing your organisation to purchase tickets without having to write out cheques, use cash or ask the travellers themselves to pay and then claim back the cost.

The account also allows the account holder a credit period of approximately four to six weeks from when a ticket is purchased to payment being made.

Rail warrants cannot be exchanged at London Underground ticket offices and cannot be used in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.

Warrant completion & tickets

After opening the account, your organisation will receive a warrant book containing 25 warrants. Simply complete a warrant for exchange at a National Rail station for the ticket that is required.

The traveller will then take this to the station together with their rail photocard or a passport size photo if they do not have a photocard. The ticket clerk will then issue a season ticket for the journey specified on the warrant. A photocard will also be issued (if not already held) which is to be held with the season ticket at all times.

Season ticket warrants can be exchanged at any National Rail ticket office for any National Rail season ticket. 

Season ticket warrants cannot be exchanged at London Underground ticket offices, however warrants can be exchanged at all staffed National Rail stations for Travelcard Seasons.

At most National Rail ticket offices, Travelcard seasons will be issued as a paper ticket, not as an Oyster card, and need to be supported by a season photocard. A limited number of London Overground stations can exchange warrants, as well as issue tickets on Oyster cards.

All normal season tickets prices will apply when using a warrant i.e. there are no additional discounts on ticket prices.

For further information on how to complete your warrant please see our section on How to complete a Season Ticket Warrant.

Invoices & payments

Your organisation will receive an invoice each week which will confirm all warrants presented over that period and will also confirm journey details and the relevant ticket prices. Each warrant is individually numbered for you to easily reconcile your invoice.

A direct debit payment is then taken from your bank account 14 days from the date of the invoice for the full amount.



Warrants cannot be stopped if lost or stolen and therefore it is important that all warrant books are kept secure as account holders are liable for the value of the bookings transacted under the account.

There are no restrictions on the number of authorised signatories on each account. A central record of these signatories is not held at Rail Delivery Group. Signatures will not be checked when presented at stations and therefore any warrant exchanged for a ticket will be applied to the account.



If a ticket holder no longer requires their ticket, and provided the ticket has a value and is valid, then a refund can be applied. The ticket holder should go to the station where the ticket was originally purchased and they will be asked to complete a refund application form. The station staff will then give the ticket holder a copy of the refund form and the refund will be then applied directly to the warrant account. All refunds are applied directly to your account and will appear on your next invoice along with the refund fee.

Alternatively, some train companies will accept unused tickets sent to their customer services department who will process the refund and apply any credit due to the Season Ticket Rail Warrant Account.

You will need to know which train company operates from the station that originally issued the ticket. If you are not sure of which train company this is then please go to the ‘Stations and Destinations’ section of the National Rail Enquiries website. Type in the name of the station, click 'Search' and the website will advise you of the train company that operates from that particular station.

All refunds are applied directly to your account and will appear on your next invoice along with the refund fee.


Account fees

The current annual fee per account is £275 (£100 for registered charities). This is payable in advance by direct debit.

There is also a charge of £15 for each warrant book issued on the account subject to a maximum charge of £3,750 in one year (1st April to 31st March).

Fares & timetables

For all fare and journey enquiries please call National Rail Enquiries on 03457 48 49 50 or go to