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Season Ticket Rail Warrant Account Terms and Conditions

1. These terms of business govern the provision of a season ticket warrant account (“Season Ticket Warrant Account”) to you by ATOC Limited (“ATOC”).
2. ATOC will charge an annual fee of £275 (£100 for registered charities), which will be payable annually in advance.
3. A statement will be sent by email to the account holder every week and payment will be made by direct debit only and must be paid within 14 days of statement date.
4. All payments will be made to Rail Settlement Plan Ltd (RSP) on behalf of ATOC.
5. ATOC will issue you with a book of warrants (“Warrants”) on payment of the initial annual fee and receipt of a duly completed direct debit mandate.
6. ATOC will charge a fee of £15 for each book of Warrants issued for the Season Ticket Warrant Account, subject to a maximum of 250 books or £3,750 in any one year which will start 1st April and end 31st March. Books ordered beyond the maximum number of 250 during the year will be issued free of charge. All book orders will be subject to review dependant on usage.
7. Warrants duly completed and signed must be exchanged for tickets at a station or travel office of the appropriate railway undertaking, before the beginning of a journey.
8. Warrants may be exchanged for season tickets only.
9. Warrants once completed must not be altered at any time.
10. Tickets issued in exchange for Warrants are subject to the Regulations and Conditions contained in the Publications and Notices of the undertakings upon which such tickets are available.
11. The account holder must pay for all tickets and services given in exchange of Warrants supplied to her/him, whether or not they have been signed and/or presented with her/his authority. Lost or stolen warrants cannot be stopped.
12. ATOC reserves the right to amend the terms of the Season Ticket Warrant Account upon written notice.
13. The contract between ATOC and the account holder may be terminated by either party at any time on written notice.
14. The Season Ticket Warrant Account may be terminated forthwith by ATOC if:
the annual fee is not paid on demand;
any direct debit payment is not made on time.
15. If any direct debit payment is not made on time there will a fee payable of £25 for non-payment.
16. On termination of the account all unused Warrants must be returned by recorded delivery to ATOC within 14 days of the account being closed and all outstanding balances must be settled in full within 14 days of statement date.
17. The account holder must confirm any amendments to the Season Ticket Warrant Account in writing to ATOC. Where appropriate, notice of any amendment must include a new Direct Debit mandate.
18. ATOC reserves the right to refuse new account applications. ATOC reserves the right to terminate any Season Ticket Warrant Account due to any proposed change to banking details and arrangements by the Season Ticket Warrant Account holder.
19. All Warrants remain the property of ATOC.
20. The account holder will retain liability for all Warrants not returned after the account is closed.
21. Warrants cannot be exchanged for travel tickets bought at a discount using any type of railcard.
22. ATOC and the Season Ticket Warrant Account holder will each comply with the obligations imposed by any Data Protection legislation in force from time to time which implements any data protection directives, including the European Union Directive entitled “Directive 95/46/EC”, and is applicable to this Agreement, including the Data Protection Act 1998 in respect of the processing of any information about living individuals and in particular, each will comply with the data protection principles.