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If a ticket holder no longer requires their ticket, and provided the ticket has a value and is valid, then a refund can be applied. The ticket holder should go to the station where the ticket was originally purchased and they will be asked to complete a refund application form. The station staff will then give the ticket holder a copy of the refund form and the refund will be then applied directly to the warrant account. 

Alternatively, some train companies will accept unused tickets sent to their customer services department who will process the refund and apply any credit due to the Season Ticket Rail Warrant Account.

You will need to know which train company operates from the station that originally issued the ticket. If you are not sure of which train company this is then please go to the ‘Stations and Destinations’ section of the National Rail Enquiries website. Type in the name of the station, click 'Search' and the website will advise you of the train company that operates from that particular station.

All refunds are applied directly to your account and will appear on your next invoice along with the refund fee.